Extension: "Action is missing for groups"

Hi guys!

I am back and have a problem right away :sweat_smile: :joy:
I’m trying to use own extension. it worked until i made a second “B”.

The Problem is the action is only visible for a specific objetc. Not for groups.

First I thought theres some tip or thinking error but I made a test:

The Same “Action”, (with the Same properties) is visible for groups at extension “A” and not visible for groups at extension “B”

any ideas? Thanks for your Time!

Some actions are only visible for certain objects (and groups containing such objects).
If you have an action to scale a text object, you won’t be able to use it on a standard sprite, because different actions exist:

If your group contains a text object and a sprite object, for instance, it won’t appear as a valid choice for any of these Scale actions.

This is explained in the Groups menu.