Extension edit button + description

I was going to post separatedely, but these bugs are very related so it feels like a combo:

Bug #1:

Normally when opening the context menu of your own extension, and clicking on “Edit”, it will open the editor to modify the extension.

But when clicking “Edit” on extensions that are not yours (the official Gdevelop ones), it will open the extension overview (the description and stuff) and then you will have to click on the button “Open in editor”.

If people wanted to see the extension overview they would just click on the extension, they would not do the extra steps of opening the context menu and clicking on “Edit”.

Bug #2:

Even after modifying the description of official Gdevelop extensions at the editor, it will still display the default one when you open the extension overview, that difficult the things for whoever is updating an extension.

I sort of agree with #1 but you just need to click on it once because the tab remains open. It gives the creators a little deserved acknowledgement. It also helps newer users. Maybe a “don’t show again” checkbox (on a per extension basis) and add a menu item under the 3 dots to access that screen.

#2 is the the same IMO. It’s about credit. I see extensions as tools and ways to learn. They’re more tool and example than template. You can modify them for your own use but otherwise I would prefer to just use them as a resource. For minor improvements I would make a suggestion and see about getting the feature added to the original extension. Having multiple extremely similar extensions would be confusing even if just for personal use.