Extension Importing

Hello! I think it would be usefull to be able to open the extensions like you open projects, to only modify the extension. An easy way would be to distribute the extensions as normal project files containing the extensions, an import button that is easier to find (for example in “File” menu), and modify it to open qa project, scan for extensions and select what extensions to import. It would also be great to select wich functions/behaviors you want to import or not, and a dependencies system to prevent to uncheck something used by a checked thing. A bit like Unity.
Oops I have let my thoughts flow too fast again XD


  • extensions are stored in a normal project file to open them directly without importing them to a project
  • The import extension button should be easier to find
  • It would be great to have a menu to choose wich extensions to import from a project
  • It would be even better to be able to select what to import from an extension (a bit like Unity with packages)
  • It would be perfect to prevent the unchecking of functions/behaviors used by checked ones

It is very much but I hope it will be implemented :wink: .

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