Extension Request: "Bullet Hell" emitter?

Another user known as Nexturne, showed of his progress of trying to make a bullet hell here: Create a Bullet Hell

I have an idea for a possible object type that could make creating bullet hells ALOT easier. What if like the particle emitter, there was a bullet hell emitter? You could be able to set the spray cone angle for the bullets? You could also set how many are fired at a time, if bullets run in a pattern (Ex: 3 red bullets for the first row, 5 blue bullets next row), and if the spray cone rotates around an objects point. You could also set is so each row follows a sine movement, and if some bullets rotate in a group. And yes, you have to set the bullet object.

I think a bullet hell emitter could be a GREAT addition to Gdevelop. What do you guys think?


I don’t think it’s worth making a new object just for that very specific thing. An extension, perhaps?

I still think making a bullet hell object would make things a lot easier, in order to make more specific adjustments, modifications.

4 months later, and I still think the bullet hell object would be a good idea.