External IPs [Solved] [Unsolved Again] [Solved Yet Again]

Is it possible in game develop to automatically get the users external IP?
I know a few websites like whatismyip.com to get other people’s external IP. Is it possible that you can get their external IP from that website?

Already available in the Network extension (only in native games) :


0 is maximal time the game will wait to get the IP as the external IP is taken from an external website (0 means no limits).

Thanks. :smiley: Now how do i change the topic name to External IPs [solved] ?

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Ok thanks done
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By the way I made a new tutorial on the wiki, will you mind if you check that all of the information is correct?

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Victor, I tried what you said and it doesn’t work :open_mouth:

Nevermind, I solved the problem by getting the ip from a website that detects your external IP address. By the way, that expression doesn’t work.

Nope, found out the expression works, if using for expression editor use ToStr() :smiley:

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