External Layouts - How to?

Hey all,

I have a game where i have to put this screen on multiple diffrent scenes. I figured out that external layouts would be the best for that. Instead of making this screen over and over again in every scene. (Ext events already working)

But how does this work?
Because if i put an object in the external layout it isn’t showing in the normal scene.
But if i put an object in the external layout, the object i put in is showing. And the normal scene. But i need it the other way around.

So i need the above screen in multiple scenes. Can somebody explain me how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

The objects inserted in external layouts should be made Global objects (right-click on them), so that they can appear in every scene.
Then the external layout should be loaded in every scene where it’s needed, using the appropriate event :

Thank you very much! Couldn’t find this on the wiki.
And how do i place this on top of all the other objects, instead of under the existing objects in the scene?

I cant find how to change the layer of these objects. And can i somehow do this in bulk?

When you create your external layout, you choose a layer for the objects, then use that layer as usual in each scene to choose what is above/under.
As an example, in my Jukade project, I have a base layer for the game, a start layer for the instructions, a pause layer for the pause menu, and a UI layer with score/time/items/etc.
Aside from the base layer, all of them are external layouts.

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