Extremely Basic Question - How to close a preview?

I know how stupid it sounds (I’m still extremely new and have only made 3 games with this program so far thanks to the examples).
When I go to file, open an example, choose one, open it, check it out, it’s all fine. It’s just when I try to click the other tabs or try to open something else, then a little popup appears reading “Please close the preview before closing the editor”. (I’ve even tried clicking the little X beside the currently open tab and it still shows me that blasted message.) So my main question is


What do I click on? Where do I click in order to close the preview without having to just close the ENTIRE Game Develop program and start over?

Just click on the first button (“Edition” or “Edit”) in the ribbon (top of the software). :wink:

~gasps~ OMG IT WORKED!!!

Victor, thank you!!! Thank you so much! ( I swear, you don’t even know how much that was frustrating me. ) Thank you!!!