Fading Effect based on Timer after Death [SOLVED]

Events attached.

Trying to wait a few seconds, then start a timer after the player’s death.

Timer should adjust the value of a variable to fade in an effect.

So Timer=1 → Var=1 → ‘intensity’ & ‘opacity’ = 0.1

The timer should stop running when = to 5.

Right now the tweens and other items at top of ‘Player is Dead’ section work, it is only the parts with the timer and fade that don’t seem to trigger as desired.

These actions:

are sub-events of the “Player is dead” event. However, the “Player is dead” event is only run once, because you delete the player in the first action.

Move those two sub-events to the left so they’re no longer sub-events, but at the same level as the first and last events of your screen snip.

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Thanks for the quick help!

I had changed the levels a few ways but hadn’t realized ‘Player is Dead’ was triggered only once when dead not a general ‘If player is dead’.