Fake phisics wit animation platform?

Good afternoon. I’m creating a platform. Where it has 2 animations. The normal and the second the object I placed below.

when the player is on the platform. the animation that will be executed will be number 2. (the platform forms below) and when it comes off the object go back to the initial animation.

normal platform. player on it goes down a little bit. player leaves. it goes back to normal.

I thought of 2 ways to do this. with animation as I am trying! and using force.

someone gives me a solution. ???

Could you better explain your problem. Maybe also try including screenshots

Use the “If object is in collision with another” condition to check if the player is on the platform (You can use point collision if you want it to be directional), then use the “Change animation” action to change the animation. Then just do the same thing, invert the collision condition and use the other animation.

If you want to do it with force (I would recommend it) you could use the collision condition to see if the player is on the platform along with a “once” condition, and then use a permanent force with the “add a force to an object” to move the platform down. You could use a timer with the “Start or reset a timer” event that is activated after player hits the platform, and then use the “value of a timer” condition once that timer hits a certain time (maybe .5 seconds) and then use the “stop and object” action. To move it back up you just need to do the same thing but with the condition inverted and the value of the force changed to negative (You also need to use a different timer name). Hope this helps