Feature request:collision_mask_concave

I feel like adding this feature would improve the ability of not only the engine but the devs 2 because they could make creative shapes and slopes so if u want a corner of something to be rounded u can make it be rounded way easier, etc.

Yeah it could be more convenient but I find the current way is sufficient. Unless you wanted to do a very exact mask for a sprite with many curves and fine features. Then it would be very useful. Though this is not that common even in big budget games I think because hitboxes don’t ever seem to be exact to the shape of sprites in any games I’ve played over the years.

I am not for or against this idea, but I do want to add some context for the requestor:

A large majority of 2D game engines do not support concave collisions.

e.g. Defold, Godot (It’s “Concave Polygon Shape” is made up of a bunch of convex shapes, which you can already do in GDevelop), Construct 3 all do not support concave collision objects.

This is also true of classic and modern games. As an example, Sonic the Hedgehog slopes are actually multiple triangle slopes of different angles put together:

I’m not sure that there is an available javascript 2D physics engines with native concave support at this time, either.

true but I think it would be nice to have that option to make really smooth curves and not have it to where the player clips or has to jump, anyways it would just be a quality of life improvement I am not saying get rid of the current way just maybe have a toggle or something idk.

true but the state of the collision mask rn it is really hard 2(not saying its no possible ) lol I just posted a few changes I think should be added

I’m not sure what you’re replying to. Did you mean to reply to me or someone else? your line doesn’t match up as a response to anything I posted.

sorry mate lol I am saying making the shapes like how u said the sonic lops are is hard rn because of the visibility of the masks u cant see one at a time u have to see all of them rn leading to my other post (sorry if anything I say does not make sense to u) and concave would make it a lot easier.

I understand you find it difficult. To be clear, this isn’t me saying “this will or won’t happen”. This is adding context for you. To reiterate/summarize:

  • Most other engines don’t allow this (Even outside of the examples I gave above, I actually can’t find a 2D engine that does)
  • Sonic the hedgehog doesn’t do this (The loops and slopes are made with convex objects)
  • There isn’t any Javascript libraries I can find that would let this work (meaning that there’s nothing that can be adapted for GDevelop to use, meaning someone would have to figure out how to make this work, from scratch, making it much more difficult to implement for something with little return comparatively.)

I get that but just because something does not use it does not mean others don’t lol (last thing I am going to say about this unless something else comes up)