Feature request for allowing users to save files and more

I feel like GDevelop can be used for more than just game development, it can be used for creating mobile apps as well. Everything is perfect in Gdevelop and it’s easy as well.

But I feel like there’s a feature missing that allows app users to save a file to their devices. It could be anything like Music, Audio, Video, and so on. I also posted this on “how do I…” category but there were no answers.

So, I was speculating that this feature is not developed yet in Gdevelop. So, I would like to suggest this feature that does the following things, specifically for Android smartphones because you cannot deny the audience it has in billions.

So the features goes like this:

  1. Add a behaviour called “downloadable” or anything like that to an object.
  2. In the event sheet, if mouse cursor is above an object and then touch or left mouse button is down, as the conditions, then save the file to device storage.
  3. Not only that, it asks users the storage location about where to save or download the file.
  4. Moreover, a feature that creates a browser within the app itself, like Android webview, through which the users do not have to exit the app to load a url in a different browser but load in the game or app itself. Like, when there is a hyperlink in the scene, they open the link in an external browser. Not that, open the link by creating a browser within the app or game itself. This may help save time while downloading online content.

If these features are added, I would feel like GDevelop is complete and it could replace Android Studio for major Android games and apps. So, if this is possible, then kindly add these features in the next update.

Also, I would like to create extensions for it but I am new to this engine. So, I don’t know how to manually add custom JS codes and JSON files as a whole in the extension system and assign them as behaviours, conditions, and events.

Anyways, I have informed you about the potential of Gdevelop and it would be great if the developers work on these features because we can make GDevelop more than just a game engine. It can be used for Android app development as well.

Also, if these features are already available, please let me know because I might be unaware of this.

Edit: I would also suggest one more feature for Android smartphones. If you could please add a system that allows users to buy in-app purchases such as the premium version of the app and also give them options to revoke the premium pass if they want to cancel the subscriptions.

Thank you. :relaxed: