Find out when a sound effect has stopped, so I can trigger an action

Hi, I’m still quite new to GDevelop, but having issues with sound effects.
I have a sound effect (MP3, story narration), which plays at the start of my scene, via the ‘At the begining of the scene’ condition. But when the sound effects ends, it then repeats.
I have looked at different solutions, like ‘trigger once’ and also adding a 'Boolean scene value true/false) to check that the sound effect is/isn’t playing. But the sound repeats when it has finished.
Could you please help?
I just need a simple solution to get the sound effect to not repeat, once it has finished playing ‘at the begining’ of the scene.

On the play sound action, do you have the loop parameter set to “no”? If you do, can you provide a screen snip of the events that play the sound?

Hi, thank you for the reply. Yes the loop parameter is set to “no”.
Here is a screen grab of an attempt to get this to work.
I have a ‘GLOBAL_OBJECT_NewSprite2’ which is just a trigger, to get the sound effect to play.
But it still just continues to loop, once the sound effect has finished. I have also moved the cursor away from the ‘GLOBAL…’ trigger/button sprite.
The sound effect is quite large/long, could this be an issue? Does the sound need to be pre-loaded?
Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I can’t replicate it. What happens if you create a new scene with just have the “At the beginning of the scene” event and the “Play sound on channel 2” action?