Firebase App commands [Answered]

Hello, I put Firebase in my game, but in settings (Google firebase) it says: "Place these commands in your app now or later… "These are the commands:
npm install -g firebase-tools

firebase login

firebase init

and others…
where I put this commands? (In my Gdevelop project Firebase) or (Google Firebase)

Please give context.

→ What are you trying to do?
→ Where did you read that you needed to run commands?
→ Did you try to follow the official documentation at Firebase Setup [GDevelop wiki]?

  • I don’t know…

  • In Google Firebase appears optional configuration, I don’t know is relebant or not, and I don’t know I put correctly firebase in Gdevelop

-Yup, step for step

How i know is all correct? In Gdevelop (Firebase practice) appears the settings in g develop BUT appears a extra settings

I can’t help you achieve your goal if you can’t tell me what it is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It doesn’t say anything about inputting any commands though.

nothing I’m retard… The commands I put is npm the finality is put this commands in app or console for instal or obtain firebase installed in PC, just you don’t want to go in the app in Google Chrome (Basically is a fast access) (Sorry for mi english or disturb your time) The commands appears first time in create the 1rst project is an fast access to you specificate web!

The commands copied in write: Is just to go in firebase my game

Taking this opportunity I want to ask you something else, I am looking for a command to generate random blocks, at the beginning I put a “currently deleted” command that consisted of generating blocks in position Y 146, X [] but with a separation of 18 pixels, the problem was the generation it was good, BUT it overlapped images infinitely, the ground was ok, but spawned on top of each other causing the game to be slow… Is there any method to avoid this overlap? Very recently I installed the “dungeon generator” which I think will help me a lot! Any advice on a command that you have practiced or saw that it was good?