Firebase doesn't work anymore. Would it be possible to repair it?

Using Firebase isn’t working anymore. Only remote configuration still works. Would it be possible to repair it?

Still works for me, maybe its an issue on your end?

Even the example here doesn’t work GDevelop 5 so how can it be on my end?

That example is exactly what I tested out to check and it works just fine for me, so it’s definitely an issue on your end.

Not Twitter works for you??
Posting doesn’t work and there’s only few messages showing up.

Anyone can help? Saying that it’s “on my end” doesn’t help at all.
I tried the example in different browsers, no extension… none works. Only remote configuration works. How can it be “on my end” when it’s just clicking an example given by gdevelop. And if it’s on my end then what’s am i doing wrong… This is ridiculous.

Well I can’t help because for me firebase works fine, so I cant see any problem on my side. All I can guess is that the cause of the issue must be on your end since you’re the only one experiencing issues.