Firebase help know firebase db?

i have a question about firebase system can help me to understund please??
tnk in advance

  1. how to working??? one player make a registration whit mail and password if this user creates some fields of a database they will be associated to that player automatically ??? for example … the user collects 5 apples and records them in the database when he connects with the email and password he will automatically take the 5 apples ?? I ask this question because in the example of the leaderboard the same user generates several documents
  2. is possible change UID to player??? how i can??
  3. I am used to working a lot of global variables … I find them convenient … but I notice that in some cases gdevelop allows interaction only with scene variables … do I have to adapt?

someone can help please???

Your questions are not very clear.
-It’s up to you to decide what data to store in your Firebase, and how it will be used the next time the user logs on your game.
-There is a Changer user UID action. “For advanced usage only.”
-If GDevelop only offers an action compatible with a scene variable, and you need a global variable, just store your global variable in a scene one before using the action, and vice-versa the other way around.

Please read the wiki. :slight_smile:

sorry i have bad english…
so… i not have understund very well how working firebase… for example… one playe made an account on my game… ok?? just use “email and password” stop… that is all… now if this player collect 5 apple… and i want make this record on “database” firebase what do??? automatically associate this record at this username and password??? have you some example to create a document in one collection for database??? cause i try but not working…
how to use this function for change Uid???
tnk so much

I believe there is at least one example demonstrating Firebase.
I haven’t used it much myself.

Open the examples and write “firebase” as keyboard.

yes i do… i take from this example… and i see… when you make high score firebase made a different document for same player… and i need create a document when player made new account and in this document i putt all my field… in that way… every player have a personal document…