Firebase, how do I read fields?

Hi friends, I’m absolutely out of my depth on this one sadly as I have no DB skills so a tutorial I’ve watched + help pages went over my head.

Here, I remade the following part from my game’s events with simpler names and for one field only so it’s more readable.

Basically I need to the game to read a few number values from Firebase — super doable in theory, no writing to do either. Current Firebase page and event sheet look like this:

While the Firebase dashboard shows that read requests take place whenever I click, no values are coming into the actual preview. So something is definitely working in the background, but isn’t taken further. Maybe the requests are rejected? Maybe the authentication is badly set up? I don’t really know.

FYI: the database is in testing mode (set up like the GDevelop wiki page shows), default allow & read write conditions that are open to everyone, the get field action is the correct one, I didn’t alter the authentication panel, etc…

What am I doing wrong and what steps am I missing? Thank you.

Bumping this thread tonight because I still need to know how this works.

Things on the screenshot are correct and it works for me.
If you have inserted your API code in GD, I can only imagine that maybe your rules are not open after all.

Never mind, you know what it was? An extra character in that Firebase config string when I copy pasted it that broke the project, found it when I was double-checking everything.

Thank fudge I’m taking it slowly, imagine if I wasted hours on this… phew.