Firebase questions and in-app purchases

Good morning, As some know I am creating extensions and I have created a space where you can ask me for specific extensions. New Extensions

Instead I would like to dedicate this space to ask questions and ask for extensions or Javascript codes that are indispensable for me but I have difficulty creating.

If you can help us we will be very happy. :smile:


    1. Firebase: ā€œEnable analytics / performanceā€ Must be activated in each scene or I have to put it in (lifecycle onFirstSceneLoaded)
    1. How should I behave with ā€œForce sync the configurationā€ of firebase remote config.
  • (If Iā€™m not mistaken there is an interval to respect in order not to get throttled) @arthuro555

Requests: Javascript code or extension for:

  • a) In app purchases.
  • b) Remote notification via firebase.

This is very important to us, any code or answer that could help me would make me happy. :smile:

Sincerely. Beeaar Games.

Putting the action anywhere enables analytics, even if the action is not called.

Tbh you should be fine with only doing that on the start of the game or like every 10 minutes

That i cannot help with

You would need to make your own service worker as described on the firebase js sdk docs.

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Thank you very much, do you advise me to try to enable notifications via firebase or other methods?
Which method is simpler?