[ FIX ] Animation bug when landing on a enemy (or another sprite)

Hello, I try to make my player land on a platform without the bug I show in the video.
I tried many ways ( points position, sprite size etc…)
But nothing else seem to work.
Someone already experienced this ?

thanks !! :slight_smile:

Edit, the link wasn’t working, so here is another one : Metroid Fusion - Playable SA-X 3 - YouTube

Is it me? Can anyone else click the link to the video? None of my browsers do anything with the link.

@Sa-x , can you provide another link? The one you added doesn’t do anything.

Sorry, I edited the topic with a valid link this time :slight_smile:

You’ll have to explain what to look for here - I see Samus jumping up and down on something (an enemy??), then landing on the floor, then a chest and finally landing on a platform. Where, or what, is the bug we’re supposed to be looking for?

That’s it, on the enemy in fact I don’t jump, it’s just a bug where I never really land on it, what I show after is what it is supposed to do

Ok. Can you provide a screen shot(s) of the events controlling the movement of Samus?

I think this is the part of the code u need

I think it might have to do with your collision masks for the Player and the Enemy. I have this issue too when my Player is on the edge of a platform…it goes into a continuous changing back and forth between fall/stand animations quickly like that.

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Thanks, that was the problem, and it also fixed my problem of going trough solid walls lol, i cropt the sprite with the Piksel editor, and redone the points of my animations !!!