[Fixed Bug] Tilemap Collision Mask

HI all,
I’m going crazy to manage the Tilemap Collision Mask.
I create the tiles and manage it into GDevelop and all works perfectly.
But, when I try (a lot of times) to use the collision mask the result is:

The red cross.

If I try to use the GD example it works perfectly.
Following the instruction ( Tilemap object [GDevelop wiki] ) not.
So I’m trying to understand where is my error, comparing the example Tile file with my but I discover that Tiled can’t open the JSON file :(.
Can you please share a tile (in tiled format) file that works.
I’m running GD and Tiled on Linux but I think that it isn’t my problem.

Tiled window:



Did you manage to success on this ?

If yes, how ?



I have the same problem.
Importing the Tilemap from “Tiles” was no problem but the “automatic” generated collision mask did not work.
I encountered the same error and did not solve it yet…

There is a bug related to the tilemap collision mask object that has been fixed as of this week, it will be included in the next release. As with all updates, there is no stated ETA at this time.

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The new release has been in autoupdate for a few days.

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Sry for the bit necro,

but i still have the same problem as the OP.

GD don’t recognize platform class from Tiledmap and so their collision box.

Using last GD ver and Tiled 1.10 (latest ver)…any hint?

This version of GDevelop is: 5.1.158 (editor full version: 5.1.158-e5a710d7d51788f3028e5ccb2fe2848bb56c1e41, core version: 4.0.99-0-release)

Can you share your project?


Now all working good.


Thanks a lot for reporting this issue. It should be fixed in the next release.


I’ve found another bug.
Even with tiled 1.9.2 the platform behavior Jumpthrough of the tiled map mask for Jumpthru class doesn’t work all the times.
If you try to deactivate the behavior for a “fallthrough” effect and reactivate it; soon or later (for me around 16 tries) the behavior will stop working. Probably due to the tilemapmask not correctly refreshing.

It works instead if i make a classic platform object with the built in GD platform jumpthrough behavior.

It would be great to fix this since every platformer need a correct collision detection…

also i’m stuck in developing the map cos this issue

I’ll take a look.
Any reason for deactivate the behavior instead of using this property and the Down key?:


My character move ala Sotn. also if you jump on a platform holding down you gonna get a bad behaviour imho becouse the player totally ignore the platform.
So if i am on a jumptru platform, first i check the collision and avoid the keyheld and then down + jumpkey is the combo.
My code works but partially…15% of the times the platform on the tiledmapmask is ignored but works with an object with GD builtin jumpthru platform behaviour
So if it works mosts of the times…something should be wrong

I honestly hope that is my fault so i can try to fix

Just here to say thanks for the update for tiled 1.10.
But the problem still persist. There are incompatibilities between the tiled collision masks and GD behaviours. Mostly the platform one. Deactivating it cause (randomly) the loss of the tiled collision mask.
Can be replicated creating an air platform and deactivating the GD platform behaviour.
Hope in a future fix

EDIT: even a classic jump on a classified jumptru platform from tiledmask have a chance to miss the collision

EDIT 2: fixed changin platform behaviour from jumptru platform to platform.
Thx Davy for the fix