[Fixed Bug] Tilemap collision mask?


I followed the wiki about tilemap and tilemap mask.

I use Tiled to create the tilemap.

The tilemap is OK.

However, the tilemap mak is not working :

  • I added class info on a tile in Tiled (class=col)
  • Then, I created a Tilemap mask in GDevelop
  • In parameters : class=col and I chose my tilemap json file ==> Error message : This is the json file that was saved or exported from Tiled. LDtk is not supported yet for collisions.

I confirm that I have created the tilemap with Tiled and not LDtk.

I don not understand why I got this error …

Could someone help me on this please ?

Thanks in advance,

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There is another thread with the same question and it now has the response that it’s a bug.

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Thanks a lot.
I have just to wait next release.

Did you upgrade to this version?

I have this ver
This version of GDevelop is: 5.1.158 (editor full version: 5.1.158-e5a710d7d51788f3028e5ccb2fe2848bb56c1e41, core version: 4.0.99-0-release)

Do you have any issue with it?