FIXED! GDevelop version 5.0.131 installer not working!

When I try to install it, it first shows me an error about the start menu and something about GDevelop not being an app, and when I try opening the shortcut, it says “This app can’t run on your PC.”, then the second time I run the installer, it says that it couldn’t extract “Uninstall GDevelop.exe”.
The auto install feature failed too, it just made the GDevelop shortcut on my Desktop unusable.
I also uninstall GDevelop from the control panel every time the installer fails if I can.

Did you end up managing to install and run GDevelop?

Sadly no, but I think it might be because of compatibility issues.
My version of Windows is really old and I cannot install the latest version because the disc space is too low.

I managed to install it. It turns out the installer was freaking out because I had low disk space.