[Fixed] [Layer effect] preview bugged

Hello I just updated to new version, but my projects are not working now;( as even when hit preview i can only see black screen ;(

5.0.0 beta 92 (all projects was made in previous version so i think should be ok??)

do you know how to fix this??


You can uninstall and use b.89 it might work for you
Link to Download previous releases

I fixed this… one effect on layer is doing this… when i add this effect - preview and build not working but when i delete effect on layer its working ok … i will check later effect name as i don’t remember it now!! :slight_smile:

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Let me know, we need to fix this effect :slight_smile:

When Advanced Bloom its on on layer:) its not working then:) :slight_smile: preview not working and not building packages etc for me:)

This is fixed for the next release. b92+
Thank you for your feddback!

@Bouh I think isn’t necessary for me to create a new topic because my issue is related to the effects so i’m writing here.
I’m on Gdevelop 5 Beta 92 and layers effects don’t work anymore in preview. I’ve tried to load different projects and tried with different effects but they don’t work.
Instead in the webeditor they works.

My OS is Windows 8.0 Pro 64Bit.

Which effects in particular ?
They work in exported game ?
Reinstall GDevelop manually, think to remove manually the old folder before.

if you can do that, and it’s still bugged for you, can you open the developper tools (CTRL+SHIFT+I) in your preview window and send me the content of the console tab please.


I’ve uninstalled completely Gdevelop, checked if the installation folder was empty and reinstalled it.

  • Which effects in particular ?
    No one work in preview for me.

  • They work in exported game ?
    I’ve tried CRT and in the exported game it work.

The screenshot below show the console of the test with the CRT effect on the base layer, the same that work if exported.

This below is the same project but exported for Windows

Can you clean your Temp folder? Atleast this folder in red

Btw prefer use isometric game for test the filter, the platformer have no background, shaders need a background.
There is no regression between B87 and b92 on the CRT shader, and i see the shaders effect in my preview.

This below is the same project but exported for Windows

Same result for me your export work fine.

About the preview as i said clean your temp folder and let me know.

I’ve cleaned the temp folder in appdata\local\temp and in windows\temp also but nothing is changed.

Used the same effect CRT in the image below but i’ve tried others also for test again.

Note: In Gdevelop Webeditor all works fine.

I have this too, newest version. Screen filters do not work (in the preview at least).

The filters work fine, can you write here what is your version of your browser, the name, and if you have an graphic card or an integrated graphic card.

Also check if your filters are active.

Newest Win 10 app, I have a integrated and dedicated, both do not work…
And yes, I think my filters are active…

Can you send the link of your game or open the developer tools and provide an screenshot of the console tab.

CTRL+SHIFT+ i in your game for google chrome browser.
What is yours browser ?

It is actually not game specific, also when I use a demo game, or create a new one…
My main browser is Google Chrome…

@Bouh the issue for me persist from Gdevelop Version B92.
My Graphic card is pretty old nVidia GTS 250 1GB but still work in Chrome with everything that use WebGL because google have fixed the support for the legacy graphic cards as said in my old posts but with Gdevelop windows version they don’t works.

So if I’d downgrade, it will be fixed?

I’m getting some weird effects in v98 when not using integrated graphic card.
Here are two screenshots comparing v97 & v98 using dedicated card. I’m using “adjustment” effect.
The performance is much poorer in v98 than v97. Maybe something related to Pixi.js 5.3.0?
I’ll recheck my graphics controllers anyway.