FIXED - Width not found, game stops at 100%

This is the entire game so far, one object makes it stop loading at 100%

You seem to have a problem with the file bunny.png.

The problem with that file is that it doesn’t even exist, it isn’t even in my files, I checked

That’s the problem, the file is missing but you asked GDevelop to use it.
Go to the resources tab and remove it.

I think the problem was it was, for some reason, not directly an image file
I opened it in a website and downloaded it and it worked

Thanks tho

One image in your anitmation is missing.
Relaunch GDevelop and see which sprite is missing.

bunny.png is a image from PixiJS, this error is totally inconsequential in games :slight_smile:

getAnimationFrameWidth() depend of the texture of the sprite.
Like you can see the error said something is undefined, the texture is undefined, so missing, then there is no sprite :slight_smile:

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Actually, my animation only had one image, and the image was already there

But now the problem is fixed so yeah