Flexible screen resolution for android [Solved]

I created a game with a canvas of 1280x720p and put No changes to the game size in Game Resolution resizes mode but then when I converted it to an apk and tested it with my phone it did not fit the phone it had a white screen.

I’m using a Landscape as the default way to play the game. I put the activate fullscreen: yes(keep aspect ratio: no) in the first scene and put it at the beginning of the scene.

How can I make the game flexible to any Android?

Any help would be appreciated.
(P.S I’m using a Samsung A54 )

Actually i did not ever test it
But now i wonder
You set full screen to yes for apk game right?
I wonder why?
Like i said i never tested it so i can be 100% wrong
Wouldn’t NOT having it did not change absolutely nothing?
Since you don’t have window mode on android?
Or am i wrong here?

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