Flip the object on self created pivot?

some of my enemies are slightly off the center. When they are flipped they look odd. how can I make them flip one self created pivot. FYI I tried to change the center point, but it didn’t work.

What if you try to change the origin point, will that help?

The automatic flipping only flips the appearance of the sprite, not everything about the object - which can have downsides like the positioning looking odd. Another more annoying one is that the hitbox doesn’t flip either, so if the hitbox isn’t the size of the entire sprite it can be in the wrong place going in the flipped direction.

In that case, would you recommend having 2 animations (1 image foor each side) with custom collision set for each?

Sometimes I think you have to do it that way. I discovered the problem when I wanted the player object to grab a thin rope. I made the player hitbox thinner so that the hands of the player needed to collide with the rope before it would grab. The problem was, when moving in the flipped direction the hitbox now missed the hands altogether and the player object “grabbed” the rope with its back!

Don’t worry I will rerender the animation of those enemies