Flippin' Flippin' Sprite Animations/Burgers

Heya Gdevelop peeps, its me again for the daily problem hahah

i might’ve found a bug this time not sure

OK so the axe i have here (one equipped) its attack animation is basically moving it forward(from right to left) and rotating it slightly

but when i used the flip function for the opposite side that it will flip it correctly and play the animation but the animation still moves from (right to left).

The spear also uses the animation from right to left but in this case it is not flipped rather rotated so there’s no issues with the attack animation

I think I somewhat understood. But without your events, we can’t help you. And also, are those attack animation’s left and right move and rotate separate?

This is pretty much the event lmao its just a flip

and the animation

so when it gets flipped to the left side the animation gets flipped but the direction of the movement is still the original if that makes more sense

i guess it can be solved if i just make a whole new animation for the direction but i wanted to know if it is a bug

So, you meant the axe is dancing when flipped?

Don’t know why this is happening :thinking:
Check your points, maybe problem is there.

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i think the problem can be the “origin” point.


Yes. I am also saying him that.


ill give it a play around

hah i think it actually was that omg…i hate falling for dumb stuff like this


You will start to find the root of problem yourself as you get used to GDevelop and game making (although I am also not there as well)


tbh though i think the fresh eyes helped

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