Fluent Android game with +1000 Sprites?


I am working on a factory game where it is necessary to have over 1000 sprites/copied objects that can work alone by their selves.

  • all sprites are maximum 16X64 pixels
  • no unnecessary code included and I did sub-events and worked efficient
  • Tried all variants of rendering in the project preferences

So if I export the game to Android there are no FPS Drops (continuously 60fps) in the game it is just running very slow

So please can anyone tell me if there is a nice solution for me and everyone else?
I think there are so many other games on the Google Playstore with many more object.

Thank you!

I’m extremely curious what would need 1,000 sprites. Could you share a screenshot or two?

There’s no way someone to be able to offer you real help without seeing the events, or a video of the layout and the gameplay, or something.

It can be something in your events, it can be performance of some behavior. It’s difficult to know.

Without seeing your game the only possible advice is: check the performance with the debugger.

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Maybe this Video can help you:

Most of the Objects just got the tween behavior

Not sure if you know but the video is protected


Ah sorry,

should work now!


Maybe you need to use TimeDelta: Events [GDevelop wiki]

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