Flying Virus Demo Showcase

Here is my hyper casual one finger game . You are playing a virus jumping from planet to planet and avoiding some meteroit . Your goal is infecting as much as planet in every level. You will also see some pick up items that gives shield , teleports , slows time and sweep rocks and moons. It have 500 level ,which every level is generated by an algorithm written by node.js . Still on progress and adding different pickable items .
Please comment negative/positive , any feedback will be appreciated.

Watch demo video here


HI @berkaltug ,
Wow, I like your game. It’ a very simple but interesting idea.

You should insert elements to make the game varied.
Some ideas:
moon that round the target planets
change virus speed according to the planet size
insert scores
insert global scores ( “wow, you are the best in universe” when you have the biggest score)
Insert some object that you can pick up during planets transactions
insert ufo


Thanks for kind advices mate :slight_smile: Moons already implemented around planets , just didn’t showed in the video . I have some pickups but not done yet , Some will destroy all obstacle from screen , some will teleport to nearest planet etc.
I will record their videos and will share here with you all :slight_smile:
Global leaderboard is actually good idea , as i am a node.js dev , making simple server that stores leaderboard is easy peasy :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for this idea.
I am also open to some polishing tips , ( level select background isn’t done yet :sweat_smile:)

Hi berkaltug, it looks like a fun game and looks great. How far round each planet does the virus have to go to infect it? Does the distance depend on the size of the planet? I was expecting it would have to completely encircle it but no? And perhaps the level select menu could look similar to the game with a background image and more space themed numbers? Good luck with it all.

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Yeah planets collision masks are square shaped now , i thought it would be okay but i will make them more rounded , also no its not size dependent , you just have to collide with those. New demo videos on the way :slight_smile:

What I meant was that currently the virus takes the left path in my drawing. What I was thinking was that the virus would need to go all the way round as in the drawing on the right. This way, there’s a cost for infecting a larger planet. It might give more points but takes longer to do. It gives the player a choice: concentrate on the small planets or be slowed down but get more points for the bigger planets.


Another idea is to speed up the player when is turning around the planet

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