For mobile developers: Intel XDK API extension

I’d like an extension that would give access to Intel XDK JS Bridge API in GD using familiar condition/action/expression layout. Obviously, thanks to JS events, it is possible to use it anyway, but this way would be more convenient.

Exposing the “raw” API is not, in my view, totally adapted to GD way of doing things: instead, each feature of the SDK should be a separate feature in the software, using XDK API when available, or other API is the game is runned on another platform (HTML5 api if in browser, CocoonJS API if runned inside CocoonJS…)

So yes most features are indeed interesting (camera, notification, file, accelerometer) :slight_smile: But they should be implemented into small specific extensions rather than in a large “XDK API” extension exposing everything but in a not portable way. :slight_smile:

(I don’t know if I’m clear enough?)