Fps drop and P2P lag

I’m working on a 3 player multiplayer game, in which a host (player 1) sends directly most info to other players, whether it’s sending directly info from the host’s game instance or if it’s sending info from player 2 to player 3.
Sometimes when I run 3 game instances and connect them the host’s instance lowers its FPS, also lowering the amount of P2P events that are sent to other players and the problem persists until one instance gets closed. But then other times I run them in the same way and everything goes smoothly.
I don’t understand what could be the source of this problem and its randomness in occuring is confusing.
Could someone tell me what could the problem be and how to fix it?
Thanks in advance

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Are you running the 3 instances on the same computer? This might be the cause. :person_shrugging:

Yeah, I am, but if that truly was the problem, it would happen consistently, but sometimes it goes smooth with 3 of them running. I thought it had to be something else…

Why would one cause be more consistent than others? :person_shrugging:
Try with more computers, and see if the problem persists.