Fruit fall game

hi guys ı want to make a fruit fall game. the banana is going to fall into basket and it will be delete. I first wanted to create a banana spawner. As you can see in the picture, I wrote the code for continuously spawning bananas. At first, dozens of bananas were falling at the same time, so I adjusted it to drop them one by one every second. But now, no bananas are falling at all. Can someone please help me?

Do you have another event that starts the timer initially? BTW if you don’t want to bother setting up timers and logic you can use the RepeatEveryXSeconds extension for super simple timer conditions. (People might hate me for recommending this extension so much but I love it :sob:)

no there is no another event

Okay if you stick with using timers you’re going to need another event that starts it. Otherwise the condition will never evaluate to true because the timer never gets started.

btw ı didnt found that command is there annother name?

It’s an extension that you can install,
You can click this button in the project manager window and it will bring up a long list of extensions you can use.

There is extension called ObjectSpawner
Which lets you spawn objects in whatever intervals you want at whatever position
And you can set that in behavior and/or change it in actions

I have 4 spawners here 2 on each wall
Each of them can spawn 30 UFOs so if you wanna to spawn new ones you need to shoot down existing ones
And you can set limit for each spawner where 0 is unlimited

Hello im so new to gdevelop (this is literally the first game im making) could you tell me how to start the timer im facing the same issue…