Function Parameter Locking


I discovered this bug trying to make a function and it ended up locking GDevelop and I had to close without saving.

To reproduce, simply create a custom function like normal. Add a parameter, but don’t enter a parameter name. Then, add a second one the same way. Now click on the first or second parameter name, and then click on the other one. At this point, Gdevelop will show you a popup window saying that you must enter a parameter name. Closing it will reopen it again. You will be unable to interact with Gdevelop from here.

Here is a picture:

Hoping this gets fixed, it didn’t cause too many problems for me but it was a pain never-the-less.

I confirm it, I’ll forward to the devs.
As a workaround, hold Escape and hold a letter. Once the name field isn’t empty, the problem vanishes.

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