Function to identify all uses of objects throughout entire project?

Is there a request for this already?

My meaning is just: being able to search an object name and then finding scenes in which it is used (even finding the specific instances in scenes wouldn’t be necessary). Just a list of scenes where the object appears.


I’m not aware of any active requests like this, but I’m also not sure whether it would be possible as ny understanding is thats not really how object architecture works.

To clarify: Objects are scene specific. If you have a nonglobal object in two different scenes, you have two different objects. There is no logical connection between them.

Global objects are different, but are in every scene so there’s no scene specific functionality about them.

I Think this is not possible because the Object appears to you into the scene with the same name and variables and all the stuff you added, but in the other scene you can think the object is the same as on previous scene but is not because the internal ID of the object is not the same.