[Game] A Pixel Adventure Legion 1.1.0 - HTML5 - Desktop - Android

A Pixel Adventure Legion

Play on website here
Play on Windows here


Available multimedia Videos:

First boss fight

Devil Book created in Aseprite

Second Boss Aseprite

Trying the Options menu in one Scene

Adding Keyboard mapping


  • Level Up system,
  • 4 inventory systems for items, swords, armors, helmets,
  • Weapons system, knives and magic, Minimap system
  • 4 Shops for items and weapons
  • TODO: A lot of things…
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Changelog: 1.0.6

  • Up to level 18
  • Music is now continuos
  • Minor fixes
  • Better performance
  • 2 more bosses

Tested controllers:

Xbox 360
8Bitdo SF30



I like the pixel style and the ambientation of the game but a big thumbs up :+1: for the mechanic behind.
Really a nice work.

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First of all, congratulations. congratulations for the courage to carry on such a courageous project. Congratulations for choosing GDevelop. I find the graphics well cared for. I also like your site. I have a few questions, if I can afford it: do you work alone ? For which hardware will you distribute it ? Will there be a demo? Will there be an italian version? PS I love your city


do you work alone ?
Yes, at this moment.
For which hardware will you distribute it ?
Windows 10, browser, hardware specs not definded jet
Will there be a demo?
In 10 days will be relaeased a demo of the first 10 levels
Will there be an italian version?
No, just English for now

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10 days. Wow I’m really curious to play it.

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well I’m sure glad I didn’t waste my time participating to the gem jam because with such an entry I would have just from comparing with your title screen instantly lost

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This is awesome:partying_face:. Nice work!:+1:
Thanks for participating in the jam.


Main menu & Options updated

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That looks absolutely great.

Is there a way to keep the music playing (instead of restarting each time) when the menu screens changes?

I know and all the menu scenes are setted to work like that but isn’t working I don’t know why, maybe I’m missing somethig in the events?



Perhaps there is an action that starts the music on the same channel at the beginning of each scene? This case the music will always reload, even if the stop music and sounds on startup option is not checked.

Preparing new tileset

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  • How are the lights made

A big black Sprite with a transparent circle in the center, this sprite follows the player everyframe, is not the best way to do it but for my game is fine

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Updated up to Dungeon 18 with two more bosses


Finally I’ve released on Play Store


Updated to V.1.1.0

  • Minor fixes, removed the Ads on HTML5 and Desktop versions.
  • Better timing to attack
  • Fixed some issues in dialogs.

Added to
A Pixel Adventure Legion

Added to Crimson Games IO


Hi mates not an update on this but you have to play this game APA Brawl

Wow,it’s amazing.

I (if possible) suggest you:
disable ENTER to pause (use P ). At the begin of my match I pressed it a lot of times

I dont’ know what to do in this point:

Sometimes the game pause (due to the dialogs) was in the middle of a jump. It would be better to finish the jump and then show the dialogs.

LOL, sorry for that I don’t check this game since months, I’m going to take a look to that and see if the changes you suggest can be made.

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