Game Background Issue

I have a problem with the backgorund of my game, I see a black line above the background, so the background doesn’t cover the whole game screen, maybe there is a problem with the game camera?
Or other?
How can I fix this problem?
Attached you can find an image to see better what the type of problem is.

Please, let me know, thanks.

Hello, I can’t see good the line, BUT can you plis make a screenshot (botton ImpPt) and put here the Screenshot (Ctrl + V), and one Screenshot for the Events (The part of Background) to can help you, thanks! (Sorry for bad english)

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Hello, I can’t see the line well, BUT can you take a screenshot (ImpPt button) and put here the Screenshot (Ctrl + V) and a Screenshot for the Events (The Background part) so I can help you, thanks!