Game Develop 2.1.10904

Version 2.1.10904 is available.

-New Sprite object editor
-New feature: External layouts.
-New example: “Multiple levels with external layouts.gdg”.
-Free to use resources are provided with GD: Browse them thanks to the Resource library in the images bank editor.
-The edition of the properties of a game is now made thanks to a property grid.
-Small changes in expression editors.
-Minor fixes and enhancements ( Zoom level is now saved, new expressions ToDeg, ToRad and AngleDifference )

I’ve updated the help page concerning the Sprite object editor: … ilt_sprite

Feel free to change, add explanations or correct any mistakes you can find. :slight_smile:

Nice! Now people who are converting from MMF will feel like in home. Especially as GD provides almost all functionality of MMF2, save for few extensions and flash export (but it will improve as more coders will come to it), like:

  • Hardware acceleration (even if you got mmf2dev for “free”, you certainly doesn’t have that, as latest built I’ve seen pirated is 250)
  • Hitboxes edition (to my knowledge MMF2Dev doesn’t have that unless there is extension for that and you have to work with invisible Active objects with pixel-perfect collision enabled).
  • Unlimited levels (in MMF it’s hard to do game with infinite level, like Canabalt, because of not being possible to do infinite room)
  • Built-in XML support (MMF have it as extension, but built-in features are better).
  • External layouts (again, it’s not something you see in MMF, there are some extensions that tries to do this, like this builtin that let you run another “frame” (mmf’s name for scene) in other one, or even external MMF file, but it doesn’t work well).

…and many more.

Can you make multiple stages in GD without recreating all the events in a new frame? This is especially important for games with multiple levels. If there is a bug in one level, I would like to edit the codes in the game play engine instead of edit it in all the frames.

If you ever take suggestions, kind sir, make a feature where you can enable a frame as the game play engine. You create all the events and rules in that frame. Then when you make multiple levels, you create child frames under the game engine frame. All the child will follow the rules and parameters from the parent.

MMF2 had a global event frame, but it’s only one frame. It’d be nice to have more than one.

The external event sheets are already in Game Develop, allowing you to have one event sheet for the game’s engine. Just create one and add a “link” event in all your scenes to make them use the external event sheet.

Yeah, external events sheets are even more flexible and also allows to split the events into different parts ( Better organization ).
In the same way, you can also use external layouts to create part or entire levels and then include them in a scene dynamically ( for now, they are only supported for the native game however ).

you’re a god send :3