Game Develop 2.2.11125

Game Develop 2.2.11125 is available:

-Scene editor improved:

  • Properties of instances are displayed in a grid
  • Objects can be locked
  • New handles to resize objects
    -Slightly faster internal compilation of events.
    -Improved size of compiled games.
    -External events are internally compiled separately from their scene if possible.
    -New integrated help system
    -Fixed crash when editing For Each/Repeat/While events.
    -Fixed GetTimeFromStart() expression.
    -Improved design of toolbars
    -Fixed bugs

Download : ( Windows ) ( Windows without installer ) ( Ubuntu )

Some notes
For now, this version can only be download from the forum: I’m waiting for a few feedback before making it available officially from the website.
I’ve made heavy changes internally concerning the internal compiler, the help system and the scene editor ( even if it looks like as the old scene editor ): Report me any problem you may encounter.

For the Ubuntu version of GD, it was compiled on Ubuntu 12.10 ( 32 bits ). The script used to launch Game Develop should now warn you if a package is missing ( Notably, you now must have the package build-essential installed )or if an error occured when launching GD. Let me know about any problem or package missing.