Game Develop 3.2.65

Game Develop 3.2.65 is available.

Added new automatisms “Platformer Object” and “Platform” to easily create platformers games.
Added support for “TiledSprite” object for HTML5 games.
Added new visual themes: “Game Develop Metro” and “Metro White”.
New audio related conditions and actions for HTML5 games.
Fixed issue with variables having a string as initial value for HTML5 games.
Added new template Web Platformer.
Added example Basic Platformer.
Fixed crash when displaying objects list for a parameter.
Fixed freeze with HTML5 games when using invalid objects.
Fixed UI glitches.
Fixed others bugs.

I’d like to have your feedback about the new visual themes, in particular “Game Develop Metro”, which are more adapted to the look’n’feel of Windows 8. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Update, it’s Amazing, and that Purple Color is Nice, much better than the others, looks much sharper. :slight_smile:


Looks like there is a bug with the Platformer Example (for Web Platform):

File → NEW → WEB PLATFORM \ Platformer gives this Error (after clicking for Preview):

13:37:08: Unable to copy “D:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Enemies\flyDead.png” to “C:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Enemies\flyDead.png”.
13:37:08: Unable to copy “D:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Enemies\flyFly1.png” to “C:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Enemies\flyFly1.png”.
13:37:08: Unable to copy “D:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Enemies\flyFly2.png” to “C:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Enemies\flyFly2.png”.
13:37:08: Unable to copy “D:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Enemies\slimeDead.png” to “C:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Enemies\slimeDead.png”.
13:37:08: Unable to copy “D:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Enemies\slimeWalk1.png” to “C:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Enemies\slimeWalk1.png”.
13:37:08: Unable to copy “D:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Enemies\slimeWalk2.png” to “C:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Enemies\slimeWalk2.png”.
13:37:08: Unable to copy “D:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Items\bush.png” to “C:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Items\bush.png”.
13:37:08: Unable to copy “D:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Items\cactus.png” to “C:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Items\cactus.png”.
13:37:08: Unable to copy “D:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Items\cloud1.png” to “C:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Items\cloud1.png”.
13:37:08: Unable to copy “D:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Items\cloud2.png” to “C:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Items\cloud2.png”.
13:37:08: Unable to copy “D:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Items\cloud3.png” to “C:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Items\cloud3.png”.
13:37:08: Unable to copy “D:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Items\plant.png” to “C:\Pictures\Sprites\Platformer Deluxe\Items\plant.png”.

Oops, I’ve released a new version to fix this issue, it should be ok now :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll set it at the default theme if people find it good enough :slight_smile:

There are plans for extension socket?

Where can this release be downloaded?

On the website :slight_smile:

+1 to metro style. I think it nice, clean and simple. Regarding colors I would go with the Metro White as default color set simply because it clean, Personally I don’t like too much and sharp colors in UI, white primary, blue file button and a bit darker secondary color is fine for me, but we can change the colors anyway, so choose whatever you think it better :slight_smile:

good job! :smiley:
takes forever to load though and it says file corrupted
ill try again :smiling_imp:

Will there be a updater function in the software? So people can just download it without going on to the website?

I don’t think it’s planned, but it sure would be great addition.

Though when installing GD, installer should make GD’s directory (in C:\Program Files) writable to anyone, so updater won’t choke up or display UAC monits.