Game Develop IDE Warning - Not Minified

I have a web platform project file that ends up being ~40mb when exported. I get a warning at the end of the export that says:

My computer has 4GB of RAM and this is a 40mb file. How can there be not enough memory to minify this?!!! Is there any way to get this project minified anyway?

Also, I’m using a very minimal number of events (around a dozen) with everything else in sub events.

Edit: Shrank the file so it ends up at 29mb, but it still gives the same warning about minifying.

Minification is done using Google Closure Compiler which is quite memory eager (it does intensive computations on the generated code) and also really slow (and written in Java). I consider replacing it by another tool (UglifyJS) in next version which is a bit less performant concerning compression, but lightning fast and using far less memory.

This sounds awesome!

However, I also watched it in task manager and it seems to give up while using only ~1080mb of code. With everything I had running, this was only ~50% of my available memory. I guess there is no way to prevent it stopping when memory usage gets this high if I still have memory available? :confused: