Game Develop Updates?

A suggestion - It would be quite nice to have an update on what is being worked on currently in GD for the next minor and major releases and approximate dates for when the next minor and major releases might be. Unless this info is already around and I missed it? :confused:

I usually do not announce dates because I’ll probably miss them. I prefer to release new versions when I’m sure that something is completely done :slight_smile:
Next version will surely have some new features for HTML5 games, even if I’m not sure I’ll be able to work on “big ones” like particle engine or lighting.
I hope I’ll be able to bring better mobile support but that will be in another major update I think.

And finally, I’m doing internal work to be able to do some really interesting things with GD, you’ll probably hear about it in the next few month. :slight_smile:

An update like that one ^^ every few weeks or every month would be pretty cool. :sunglasses:

That sounds very souspicious…



hehe, sorry man, Spanish :unamused:

Yeah I know you guys have English as a second language, but I thought you might like to know the correct spelling. :slight_smile:

And you’re right, it is suspicious…

That’s nice to hear.
Particles and Lighting are by far the most visually interesting of the bunch. And by extension, what might get some attention.

Since we’re at it, is GD using the last version of SFML?
I still cannot release “officially” DIX with crashing issues regarding low-end graphic cards.

BTW, I cannot gameshare it either, despite a 40MB zipped size (100 MB unzipped). It returns me a “zip file not compatible” after paddling for 20 minutes.