Game doesn't run

I’m developing a game in Gdevelop and I’ve decided to publish it. I exported the game for desktop as zip and auto-installer. I installed the game and tried running it, but it wouldn’t work. No window, nothing. Can someone help?

Does it run in preview from GDevelop?

Yes, preview from Gdevelop works fine, even lulio link works.

Did you unzip the file first, then run the installer separately? Maybe it installed in two different places?

Yes I did everything correctly, it’s not my first game. I unzipped, tried running the game and it didn’t work. I tried using autoinstaller, it installed the game but it won’t run.

Weird, mine hangs as a black screen for way too long before going to the main loading screen. I’m looking into it. This may be related.

Could you send over the game exec? Does the issue happen on every platform?