Game dont open..

Why the demo of my game does not open?
I’ve compiled it several times on the native platform, but it opens a window and it gets white “frozen!”
Can someone help me?

I use the version 4.0.89 because I started it and I adapted more with it, it closes less on my pc that is old :slight_smile:

Hello. Check the code, maybe your events have a problem.

Does it work when you preview the game in GDevelop?

Hello, the code seems to be in order! It performs well but the compiled game does not open, does not even send signals … Can I send my project to someone experienced here ?! Need help :frowning:
Sorry english traduction i speak portuguese… Hugs! :slight_smile:

If you can upload the project to a website like and share the link, then everyone can check it (including experienced people).

But if you have something you don’t want to share, you should first remove it from the project. Then check if it still shows the error, and only then upload.

Have the same problem. I use Windows 7 32 bits.