Game is Freezing with a Action

I have made a button On External Event & Layer 2
Anchored it On Screen. when Button Pressed
Scean Changes (I Want) But after New Screen Game Freez.

Can you provide a screen shot of the first scene where it deals with the button press, and the start of the second scene?

Why do you pause the scene. If you don’t intend to go back to the first scene in the state it’s in, just use Change Scene.

Does this work in preview on your PC?

I’m assuming it freezes on an Android phone?

Can you also give a screen shot of the second scene events?

I have used Simple Change Screen Too It Also Don’t Work

NOTE - I Have Maked Button at a External Layout & Codes at External Event .
Button is anchored on screen.
Layer = Layer 2

A few things.

  • Change scene events should always be matched with a trigger once condition.
  • if you have other buttons on the scene it is changing too, you are liking going to cause conflicts. You may need to research and implement a toggle switch global variable to remove this conflict.
  • your current conditions don’t make a lot of sense, as you are basically saying to activate if they hover a cursor over the button. Not actually click/tap it. That could cause other conflicts as it can happen dozens of times per second.

As MrMen said you will need to post both set of events.

OK Should I Uploaded Project Folder ?

I’m not sure anyone is asking you to upload your project.

You should probably review the info requested above and see if you can adjust, or post screenshots (not photos) of the event screens.

If you’re unsure how, you can take a screenshot by hitting the Windows key + Shift+ S on a desktop keyboard.


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OK Sending SS also I Tried Trigger Once But still not work.

SS Of Both Scean In which Button Is & The changed Scean

SS Of CODES.:sweat_smile:
PLZ Help I am Stuck on It from 1 week

NOTE PAUSE HUD Button Pressed Change Scean To Main Menu but Everything Stops Working game (Freez).

Note I don’t want to make pause menu want simply to Exit to main menu

Plz Check Up above Send SS plz help to solve Bug

Plz Check Up above Send SS plz help to solve Bug. @MrMen

The MAIN_MENU events screen shot only shows a portion of the events. What are the other events?

Is there a Main Menu button that’s at the same position as PAUSE_HUD?

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Yes. @MrMen Endless mode Button Is at that Position.

Edit : Also Tried without Same Position After Your Comment Still Not Worked

Can you screen shot the other events so we can see what’s going on?

OK @MrMen

This is Game.JSON You Can See Codes Here plz find a Solution I am Stuck at this point from 1 week.