Game launcher buried


So I tried to find someone who asked this before, but couldn’t.

So when I build the game locally (using electron-builder), my setup application is under the dist folder.
Once installed, the game launch icon/application is under dist>win-unpacked. Is there any way to have
the application show up in the main folder after installation? I’ve had several people ask me where the
game is in the folder. It’s fine once they know, but I want to make this more user friendly if it’s an option.

Thank you in advance!

There seems to be some confusion. Dist > Win-unpacked is not the installer, nor provided by the installer.

When you install the game, the game is installed to %Localappdata%\Programs\GameNamehere
(e.g. C:\Users\Usernamehere\AppData\Local\Programs\GameNameHere)

The Dist\Win-unpacked folder is a folder made by Electron-builder incase you’re not going to use the installer. It isn’t required for the installer and should not be included whenever you provide someone the installer.

Sorry for my ignorance. So does that mean I only need to compress the installer, or when I share the game with friends, do I still need to send the folder with “app”, “build resources”, “dist”, “node modules”, etc

If I do still need those folders, is there a way to instruct the installer to create a desktop icon?

You don’t need any of those folders. In the Dist folder, you just need to provide the GameNameHere.Exe with the installer icon.

e.g. In this screenshot, you only need to provide the .exe shown (I’ve deleted the win-unpacked folder as an example)

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Oh thank you! that is a huge help!