Game Music Suddenly not working

Guys, I faced a problem today with the music. The music for the game had already been set up sometime ago and it has no problem at all, under today when i open up the editor and try to preview it, all the music were gone, like no music playing at all, but sound is working fine, just want to check are you guys facing the same problem too? is this a Gdevelop program problem or some other issue?

I’ve been having intermittent trouble with that as well.

Sometimes sound effects don’t play when they are supposed to, but at other times they do, although I had not changed their conditions.

You just encountered it today? or this had been an issue for sometime?

Just checked, when export to android, the music and sound has no issue, but in preview, there are no music played. I tried clicking on the preview window several times when it was loading, then the music are able to play when loading finish, if I never click / Click once on the preview window, the music cannot work as usual

The past few days as I just started using GDevelop last week and didn’t add sounds until maybe 2 days ago.