Game on my server


I exported my game in local folder as html file and upload files on my website.

When I enter that link I only get loading-screen with game develop and after
that I cant see nothing. My game dont show up, only black screen.

Anybody knows whats the problem?

Not exactly. However, It probably doesn’t happen to the gamers that play your game. You can try reloading the page. But I’m sure you have tried that already. Send me the link of the game you made. Maybe I can help you out.

Game is working on MIcrosoft Edge browser, but not on chrome or brave. Anyone knows what could be the issue?


Please send a link to the website for troubleshooting it

Ok my mistake, it doesnt work on all browsers.

It looks like that my objects are not exported when I export my game in folder. I have just index.html file and .js files… But my objects are not there

I saw in other projects that objects should be in same folder

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