Game on Weebly?

I was attempting to get a game to run on weebly (Website Maker) But I can’t figure out how to get it on there? They have an HTML code box you can put onto the site, and write a code into it. Do I have to host the game elsewhere? If so any suggestions? Thank you for reading this :slight_smile:

I dont’t know what is exactly weebly or how does it work, but i can imagine that it’s just a basic website wizard ?

If you just can put some HTML in one place, i guess this will not be sufficient to publish your game.

Basically, on html 5 platform on GD, when you export, it create a folder with everything required to the game : html, css, javascripts files and subfolders for example for images.

The basic idea to publish your game is to take this folder and publish it on a web hosting, by using “FTP client” software. It’s not really hard, and most of the time web host will help you doing this with tutorials or simplified ftp client.

Yeah Gdevelop gives us a lot more then just a code.
I’ll checkout the FTP server thing. :slight_smile: