Game only works in-program

Okay, I think I’m probably doing something very simple wrong because this keeps happening with every game I create.

So, the game runs just fine when I launch a preview on the GDevelop program. I uploaded my finished game to my web domain and tried to launch the game online (all files uploaded without issue after installing a File Manager). However, the game only shows a black screen. The same thing happened when I tried to view any of my games through the advanced preview Wi-Fi option on my tablet so I think it’s not a problem with the game files, but a a mistake I keep repeating in the development process.

Here’s the files for the game opening screen that I remade to check that the problem is consistent: My project2 - Google Drive

Edit: I was testing my GDevelop program to find possible other problems and the Windows 10 update has apparently messed up what I can and can’t do with the program as any attempt to create something other than an “empty game” gives me the " unable to create the game in the specified folder" error message. That could maybe be related. Launching the program as system manager doesn’t fix the problem.

Does your game work offline on a computer?

If I launch it through the preview option of GDevelop itself. I haven’t been able to figure out how Node.js makes a desktop exe yet.

I mean, does your export to window (or any other os you are using) work?

It can go through the export process without issues but the resulting index.html file also opens a black screen, like it does when I’ve uploaded it to my server or when I exported it into an android app and opened that on my tablet.

You could try to play the game online from your web server and open up developer tools on your browser to check the error messages.