Game override another game

if you will download one gdevelop game and then you will download and install another it will override the earlier game

Are the settings from the project manager are same on games?
The title game should be at least different.

both have differant name

if I will install game one and then install the second game it will override the first one but the name of directory remain same and second one gets install and replaces the first one

While I can’t reproduce your issue (Just tested with two different example projects) you can also modify your project.json after exporting, but before compiling, to allow for install directory selection:

Edit your package.json in the export folder. Find the line that starts with “build” and update it to match this.

    "build": {
        "directories": {
            "buildResources": "buildResources"
        "nsis": {
            "oneClick": false,
            "allowToChangeInstallationDirectory": true

the NSIS section will make it so the installer prompts the user to select an install directory.

If you’re not compiling it for yourself (i.e. using the online build server), I can’t provide any guidance since I cannot reproduce the issue.

Tagging @Bouh and @arthuro555 on this ,as this seems to be similar, if not identical, to the issue here which was never resolved: Windows auto-installer game builds are overwriting each other on install - #8 by John_Wienke

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I think it may be related to the build service caching the nsis package unique ID and thereby reusing it, making nsis think the game is already installed and that this is just an update for that game, and therefore reuse the path of the old game (as an update shouldn’t ignore a potential user defined installation path). No way to know for sure without knowing how the build service is implemented though.