Game Performs Well only in firefox

I’m working on a very large game in gdevelop that performs perfectly fine in firefox but terribly in any other browser and the in built preview, what are my options in terms of exporting the game? as asking people to only use firefox to play it is not a very good idea. I have tried exporting the game already, it performs just as bad as the in built preview, I have tried manually building using yarn which performs the same as well.

I’ve already optimised my game as much as possible using sub-events and disabling physics objects when they are off screen. I have also used distance checks before collision checks.

My game resolution is 424x240 and most sprites are 32x32, my game is a platformer built off of the physics engine locked at 60 frames per second (it will run slower if the framerate dips) as lots of logic is frame dependant. My game has a lot of rotated sprites if that helps.

Main questions:
Is there a way to export it using firefox as an executable? Does rotated sprites affect performance when the resolution is so low? Are there any other things I can do to squeeze out even more performance? Are there maybe other programs that can do the same thing as yarn, and how would I go about using my gdevelop project inside them?

These screenshots are where the lag is the worst, removing the lighting layer and disabling the brightness effect on the background items does not affect performance.

Are you developing on a laptop or computer that has both integrated graphics and a dedicated GPU? It’s quite possible that firefox is utilizing the GPU but GDevelop and the other browsers are not.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll test it on my beefy machine that only has a dedicated gpu